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Introducing Wrapcheck: An error wrapping linter for Go

7th August 2020

An overview of the best-practices regarding error wrapping in Go, as well as an introduction to a new linter to maintain consistency in certain circumstances.

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Kustomize: Traefik v2.2 as a Kubernetes Ingress Controller

13th June 2020

A guide to deploying and using Traefik v2.2 as your Kubernetes Ingress Controller using Kustomize.

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Plane on a Treadmill

21st November 2019

Would a plane take off on a treadmill?

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Rust, a Raspberry Pi and Addressable LED's

9th July 2019

An overview of using SPI bit-banging in Rust on the Raspberry Pi to control a matrix of WS2812b LED's.

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How to Delay RSI, by Building a Keyboard

27th May 2019

The process of how I built myself a keyboard specifically to delay the onset of RSI

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Weekend in Germany, May 4th-5th 2019

11th May 2019

Some photos from a weekend away in Halle and Leipzig, Germany

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