Weekend in Germany, May 4th-5th 2019


Some photos from a short weekend trip from Berlin to Halle and Leipzig. Being a bit of an architecture nerd, there are definitely too many photos of buildings still on the camera.

This was my first time getting out of Berlin and seeing a bit more of actual Germany. Seeing as Berlin has a reputation for being a bit unique.

All of these are raw and unedited. Also my photography leaves a lot to be desired still.

Street and restaurant This was the street that we stayed on.

Stop wars

Boat on the river

Bridge across the river

Old red building

Johannes and Johanna Johannes and Johanna

Stalin at Post-War Museum A visit to the Leipzig Post-War Museum

Torn GDR flag A torn German Democratic Republic flag

German Eagle statue A statue which once bore the Nazi swastika, chiseled off since being captured

Stalinist sculpture

Bookbag During the GDR, students were taken to visit military checkpoints, where members of the Stasi would attempt to recruit them as spies


Eiffel Tower with motorbike

Justice building Some incredible, detailed architecture, one of many old buildings throughout Leipzig

Clara-Zetkin Park Clara-Zetkin Park

Johannes and Tom

Johannes and Tom 2

Women’s run We were walking through just as they started a women’s run

Spire at end of street




Building A gothic masterpiece

Train Heading back to Halle by train, almost certainly on the wrong ticket

This trip was an enormous amount of fun. I look forward to visiting more places across Germany in the future.